Install HDO Box APK on Smart TV [LG, Samsung, MI, VU, OnePlus, Phillips]

Do you love watching movie or TV series? We know that majority of people love surfing and binge-watching. But due to many reasons, they cannot do it. Recently the costs of all OTT platforms rose like anything. To compensate this, third-party developers developed an amazing application called HDO Box. You can use this application watch almost all movies and TV series in HD quality (as the name suggests).

Install HDO Box APK on Smart TV

So, if you are feeling to fulfil your streaming appetite, HDO Box is your one time go. Many times, you may have a get together, and you would love to watch this latest movie on your TV. So, in this article we will guide you to download HDO Box application on your Smart TV. It’s time to explore something and love watching your favourite content within few clicks. Starting from any kind of smart TV, this will help you watch movies using HDO Box on any of them. Check Out: Install HDO Box APK on Roku Stick Under 1 Minute [STEPS].


HDO Box APK for Smart TV | Features:

HDO Box application has an amazing count of features, and we are here to explain them to you.

  • Amazing UI: Well, there isn’t a single second you would miss to find a clean interface, right? With HDO Box on your TV, you will never be lost on track to watch your favourite content.
  • Unlimited content: HDO Box is here to serve your needs with content that is never ending. You will be amazed by looking at all the amazing content that the application provides in HD quality.
  • No login or registration: Unlike any other third-party applications or OTT platforms, you don’t need to login or register on HDO Box application. You can enjoy the content without any hassle process at any time.
  • No lag: There isn’t any lag in the content as it is directly streamed from their own servers. So now explore content with amazing flow and regular updates directly from developers.

Let’s begin our guide on how you can download HDO Box on your smart TV.

Download and Install HDO Box APK for Smart TV 

You can easily install HDO Box App on popular Smart TV brands like Phillips, LG, Samsung, Mi, VU, Panasonic, OnePlus, and Sony. Follow through our guide below:

  • First, download HDO Box through its official website and transfer it in a USB drive.

   HDO Box APK

  • Now, plug-in the USB drive in your smart TV.
  • Open your Smart TV and search for app store. Download ‘File Commander’ in your Smart TV.

  • Now, launch File Commander and go to Media and then USB storage.
  • Once the USB drive storage is opened, toggle ‘download from Unknown sources’ to ‘ON’ on your Smart TV.


  • Now, tap on HDO Box APK file. You will find the installation to begin.
  • Once the installation is done, go to the home page of your Smart TV.


  • Navigate to HDO Box application and start watching your favourite content now.

Wasn’t it easy to watch all the amazing content from the comfort of your sofa on your smart tv?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Is it save to use HDO Box application on my Smart TV?

Yes, it is completely saved to use HDO Box application on your Smart TV. The application just allows you to stream unlimited HD content.

Q - Do I need to void my smart TV in order to download HDO Box application?

No, you do not have to void your smart TV. You can simply download HDO Box application from third-party official source. Follow our guide above to download HDO Box on your Smart TV now.

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We hope that you loved our guide and are now able to use HDO Box on your Smart TV. If you have any queries, please comment below. Make sure to share your feedback on your experience with HDO Box with us now. We will guide you through much more amazing content similar to HDO Box that will help you toggle your real life easily.

Thank You.

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