9 Best HDO Box APK Alternatives – Similar Apps [2024]

HDO Box APK Alternatives | Top Apps Similar to HDO Box: Lately, the user base of HDO Box APK is one the rise. Among a ton of available third-party streaming apps, HDO Box App is able to make its own place. HDO Box is a tracking-based app; does not host any content but fetches links in HD as well as 4K for your favorite movies and TV shows hosted on high-quality servers.

HDO Box App Free Download on iOS
HDO BOX APK Download

However, in this post, we are not going to talk about HDO Box APK, but a few popular alternatives to HDO Box App. Continue reading below to know more. You can also – check out – Download HDO Box APK for PC (Windows 11/10/8.1/7 & Mac).


Apps Like HDO Box APK | Alternatives to HDO Box App

  • Cinema HD

When we speak about third-party streaming apps, the name of Cinema HD is bound to come. Available on Android, iOS, Play Station, Xbox, Smart TV, Android TV Box, Firestick, Kindle Fire HD Plus; Cinema HD allows you to stream latest movies and TV series without any charges, registration, or subscription.

Cinema HD - HDO Box Alternative

The app supports external players, Chromecast, subtitles, Real-Debrid, Trakt.tv, and more. The latest version incorporates additional features like custom download path, auto-play, auto-backup & restore, and more.

  • BeeTV

BeeTV is in agreement with a limited number but popular partner websites that host movies and TV shows. Based on your search, the app crawls over these partner websites and fetches content making it incredibly light weight. There is no requirement of registration/subscription and the app is completely free to use. BeeTV supports Chromecast as well.

BeeTV - Similar App Like HDO Box APK

You can also check out – HDO Box App Free Download on iOS(iPhone & iPad).

  • CyberFlix TV

CyberFlix TV fetches popular content from OTT apps like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney Hotstar, and more. With CyberFlix TV installed on your compatible device, you do not need multiple OTT apps as CyberFlix TV can get all the content you need free. The platform supports the integration of Real-Debrid and trakt.tv, MX Player support, and Chromecast compatibility.

Cyberflix TV - HDO Box App Alternative

Hey, In case you still want to continue with our favorite HDO Box App – You can download the latest version from here below.

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  • Movie HD

Movie HD APK comes with a huge library of the latest as well as popular movies. With more than 50000 titles available on the app, it is highly unlikely that you will not find the content on Movie HD that you are looking to stream. The app receives updates daily in the form of new movies and TV shows.

Movie HD APK - HDO Box App Alternative

It is completely free to use and does not warrant any kind of registration/subscription.

  • Syncler

Syncler is an all-in-one tracking application. Unlike other streaming apps, Syncler does not provide any provider packages of its own. Users can add third-party provider packages and even add custom scrapers to fetch content. Moreover, Syncler supports the complete Debrid Suite that includes Debrid Manager, Debrid Cloud, and Magnet Picker.

Syncler APK - HDO Box Similar App

You can stream content from Debrid services viz Real-Debrid, All-Debrid, and Premiumize. The coolest part is that since Syncler does not host content of its own, it is readily available on the official app stores as well.

  • FilmPlus

Popularly known as Terrarium Resurrected, FilmPlus takes its inspiration from Terrarium. Developed with the latest link-scraping technology, the app pulls high-quality links including Real-Debrid links for the titles you search. The app supports Real-Debrid, All Debrid, and Premiumize.

FilmPlus APK - HDO Box App Similar Application

Apart from this, you can integrate trakt.tv, download content, and set notifications for your favorite movies/TV shows. The coolest part is that almost all the fetched links run on high-quality Google servers and you can download content as well.

  • Nova TV

Nova TV is again a crawler-based application that fetches links for movies/TV shows based on your search. The app fetches links in 1080p as well as 4K and supports trakt.tv and Real-Debrid.

Nova TV APK - HDO Box App Alternative

The app is completely free to use with no hidden costs or in-app charges and you can download content for offline viewing.

  • VivaTV

Similar to the other crawler-based applications, Viva TV also fetches high-quality links for the latest movies/TV shows.  Just like Nova TV, you can get links in 4K and the application supports trakt.tv along with the popular debrid services viz Real-Debrid, All Debrid, and Premiumize.

VivaTV APK - HDO Box App Alternative

More than one link comes up for a search with a detailed meta-description allowing you to choose the best available streaming link.

  • OnStream App

It’s one of the finest successors of the CineHub application. OnStream APK provides hundreds of movies and TV shows for absolutely free of cost. You can try this application if you are looking for an alternative app to HDO Box. In case, if you are using Real Debrid and Trakt.tv, then this OnStream APK is the perfect replacement for your HDO Box MOD APK (No Ads).

OnStream APK - HDO Box Alternative

Final Words – HDO Box APK Alternatives – Similar Apps 

These are some of the best Apps Similar to HDO Box APK. If you have some more apps to add to the list provided in this post, please mention the same in the comments section provided below.

Thank You.

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