[Fixed] HDO Box APK Not Working, Buffering, Loading/Crashing

HDO Box APK with its powerful tracking algorithm to fetch latest/popular movies and TV shows is garnering a favorable response from the users. The fact that the app is lightweight and compatible with Android mobile, Android TV Box, Firestick/Fire TV, and even Roku Stick is clicking well with the users.

HDO Box APK Not Working, Buffering, Crashing Issues

However, there are instances of complaints like HDO Box APK crashing, buffering, not working, and other relative issues. In this post, we will have a look on these common issues and provide working solutions for them. Check Out: Install HDO Box APK on Roku Stick Under 1 Minute [STEPS].


HDO Box APK Not Working, Buffering, Crashing Issues

Imagine you are watching your favorite movie and the HDO Box app crashes or continues to buffer. This is a huge blow to your experience especially when you are looking forward to watching the content. However, fret not, as we are going to provide you below with the fixes for these issues.

HDO Box APK Buffering Fix

Solution 1 > Clearing Application Cache

  • On your Android device, please navigate to Settings > Installed Apps.
  • Locate HDO Box APK in the list of installed apps.
  • Tap on Clear Cache.

Please note if you are utilizing HDO Box MOD APK on Firestick/Fire TV or Nvidia Shield, you require heading over to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications. Under here, you will find HDO Box APK. Tap on Clear Cache.

Solution 2 > Subscribe to a good VPN Service

Maybe your internet service provider is not so friendly with you utilizing a third-party streaming app to watch latest movies/TV shows. As a result, he cuts down your bandwidth resulting in buffering.  This is Internet Throttling. Hence, we recommend opting for a good VPN service to keep your streaming activities privy from your ISP.

Solution 3 > Login to Real-Debrid on HDO Box

Sometimes, the buffering issue could be with the link itself. This holds true especially in the case of free links. Hence, if you have Real-Debrid subscription, we recommend logging in to your Real-Debrid account on HDO Box APK. This will fetch high-quality links devoid of any kind of buffering related issues. The following are the steps to login to Real-Debrid on HDO Box.

  • Launch HDO Box application and go to Settings > Login to Real Debrid.

login debrid hdo box

  • Make a note of the code that comes up.
  • Now login to your Real-Debrid account on any browser via https://real-debrid.com/device.
  • Enter the code here in the provided space.
  • Tap on Continue.


  • That is it! Your Real-Debrid login holds authorization now on HDO Box application.

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Solution 4 > Check your internet as well

Do not forget to check your own Wi-Fi connection as well. Sometimes the issue is with your Wi-Fi performance itself. In addition, if you have multiple devices utilizing the same Wi-Fi connection or you have, set up a lot of downloads in the background; this can influence your Wi-Fi performance as well.

Solution 5 > Try the other link

If you are streaming a corrupted link, that can also result in undue buffering. Hence, if you have multiple links to the same content at your disposal, try out the next one in the list.

HDO Box APK Crashing Fix

Solution 1 > Downgrade HDO Box APK

If you have just now updated to the latest version of HDO Box and you started witnessing crashing issues, then we recommend downgrading to the previous version to see if the crashing issue resolves.

Solution 2 > Updating HDO Box Latest APK

On the other hand, crashing can occur due to not updating your app as well. Hence, if a recent update is available, try updating your app to the latest version to see if the crashing issue resolves.


Solution 3 > Try the other link

Sometimes, the issue is because of a corrupted link. Try another link to see if the crashing issue resolves.

HDO Box APK Not Working Fix

Solution 1 > Update to HDO Box Latest APK

Try updating your application to the latest available version to see if it works.

Solution 2 > Clear Application Cache

The solution of clearing the application cache to fix buffering, as described above in this post, can work for HDO Box APK Not Working issue as well.

Solution 3 > Re-Install the App

If nothing is working, we recommend uninstalling HDO Box APK from your device and proceeding to re-installation. Make sure you reboot your device after uninstallation. Tap on the below link to check out installation steps for HDO Box APK on Android.

   HDO Box APK Download

Alternatives to HDO Box App

In case the issue with the BeeTV App persists, you can give a try to any one of the best alternatives for BeeTV. Check them out below.

  • Stremio APK

Stremio APK works with add-ons. You can go with official add-ons or community add-ons. While the Stremio developers maintain the official add-ons, community add-ons come from the users. Every add-on supports certain platforms.

To get content from a particular platform(s), you require adding its respective add-on. Apart from this, the app comes with a wonderful UI, and it even allows you to create your video library.

  • OnStream

OnStream App is one of the latest entrants in the long list of third-party streaming apps. The app brings you the latest movies and web series in HD as well as 4K picture quality.

Apart from Chromecast and subtitles support, OnStream APK employs high-quality servers in the backend that prevent buffering/lag during the playback. The app fetches new content daily.

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HDO Box App Crashing, Buffering, and Not Working Fix

We sincerely hope the above solutions work for you. However, if you are still facing any of the issues mentioned in this post, we recommend dropping us a note in the comments section below.

Thank You.

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