Install HDO Box On Google Chromecast [GUIDE]

HDO box is been a reliable source of streaming platform that may amaze you. People usually pay tons of bucks on purchasing OTT platform applications, and yet do not get what they are actually looking for. This also creates a void to look for another alternatives. Third-party developers came along to develop this amazing application called HDO box. This also enables people to stream HD movies and TV shows with regular updates. So if you are looking to download HDO box on chromecast, continue to read our article till very end.

Install HDO Box On Google Chromecast

What would make HDO box on Chromecast the best application to stream on? So to cater the features of the application, we have given a list of features that may amaze you. This also points out on various availability of listing, so to make it clear go ahead with the uses of HDO box mentioned below. Also, check out – Download HDO Box APK on FireStick Under 1 Minute [STEPS].


HDO Box | Features:

The benefits of HDO box will just amaze you as they are just here to compete with all the other ones in the market right now. So let’s begin to know the uniqueness of HDO box.

  • Amazing content: HDO box has a lot of potential to offer amazing content. Unlike other OTT platforms, it fills a lot of amazing movies and TV shows that may not be available for free.
  • HD content: If you crave for something amazing, and if it is relating to streaming, then you expect it to be HD. With HDO box, majority of content is HD, so you do not have to worry, and also stream line the benefits that comes along it.
  • Free to use: You do not have to pay anything to use HDO box, yes, it is free to use. So if you are looking at something amazing, and want access of it for free, HDO box is the call you make.
  • Regular updates: Everyone expects applications to update on regular basis. If the application updates, then it creates a unique call on understanding how the content gets refreshed from time to time.

We hope that these features were enough to make you crave to use HDO box. So let us begin a guide to help you download HDO box for free. Check out: Install HDO Box on PS4, PS3 With Plex [GUIDE].

Install HDO Box APK on Chromecast Google TV

In-order to install HDO box on chromecast, first we have to enable the developers option on the application.

  • Turn ON your Google TV screen and scroll down on the home page to press ‘Settings’ icon.

Click on settings

  • In Settings, choose system, and scroll down to ‘About’.

  • Click on ‘About’ button. At the bottom you will find ‘Android TV OS Build’, click 7 times on it.

Click on ‘About’ button

  • After hitting that button for 7 times you will get a message ‘You are now a developer’.

You are now a developer

Once you become developer on chromecast, now follow the below steps to download HDO Box.

  • Navigate to ‘apps’ section that you may find on the home screen.

downloader app

  • On the search bar type ‘Downloader’, and install it on your Google TV.

  • Go to your settings and go to Privacy. Scroll down to ‘Security & regulations’.
  • Navigate to ‘Unknown sources’ option and enable it for ‘Downloader’ application.

Install Downloader App

  • Open ‘Downloader’ app and go to HDO box website.

   Download HDO Box APK

  • Click on the ‘download’ button to begin downloading of HDO box.
  • Once it is installed, you can open it to see if it’s working.

That’s it. Wasn’t it easy to download HDO box for free? Look at some frequently asked questions to clarify minor doubts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe to use HDO box on chromecast?

Yes, it is completely safe to use HDO box on chromecast. The application is just a streaming platform that will allow you to stream HD content for free.

2. HDO box is not working on chromecast, what to do?

In-case HDO box is not working on your Google TV, reset the chromecast to default and follow the steps we mentioned above. It will help you to access HDO box for free easily.

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  1. I’ve installed HDO box on my Chromecast with google tv and when I play anything I just hear the audio and not any video, this has happened with any show I try to watch.
    What do I have to do to get it to work as it had been working beautifully b4


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