Install HDO Box on PS4, PS3 With Plex [GUIDE]

HDO box has been serving as a great initiative for all the media lovers out there. People are seeking more HD content, and as the OTT platforms are raising the prices day-by-by it isn’t easy for us to catch on to the new content. However, some third-party developers came along to introduce HDO Box. The interface of HDO box is similar to that of any other OTT platform, and people love using it as it provides detailed information such as iMBD ratings, cast details, storyline, etc.

Install HDO Box on PS4, PS3 With Plex

The application is just amazing and it also makes you crave more story content. Before we begin on our guide to downloading HDO box on PS4, let’s look at some amazing features around the clock. Also, check out – Download HDO Box APK on FireStick Under 1 Minute [STEPS].


HDO BOX | Features:

With various benefits of the HDO box, we have catered a few of them that will allow you to simplify your thoughts about using the HDO box on PS3.

  • Interface: The HDO box presents a very neat interface that allows any age group to use it seamlessly.
  • Free of cost: Unlike other OTT platforms, HDO Box is free to use. You do not have to pay anything to stream your favorite content on the HDO box. That’s what makes it lovable.
  • Regular updates: The application creates a great initiative of getting regular updates. This will keep users keen to use the HDO box even more.
  • HD Content: The HDO box itself serves only HD content. So if you are missing the fun of HD content on other platforms, you won’t be disappointed with HDO box in this concern.

These are just a few uses of HDO Box, there are several more benefits, and for that, we recommend you use it personally. To download the HDO box on PS, you have to follow some steps. So let us continue our guide right away.

Install HDO Box APK on PS4, PS3

To download the HDO box on PS4 or PS3, we will be using a third-party application called Plex. So follow our instructions carefully so that you can perfectly install the HDO box on your PlayStation.

   Download HDO Box APK

  • Connect your PS4 or PS3 with a smart TV, and connect it with a stable WiFi connection.
  • Now, on the home screen of your PlayStation, click on the search button and type Plex.

plex on hdo box

  • Install Plex on your device, and log in to the application (if you already have an account). If you do not have a Plex account, then sign up with your preferred credentials.
  • Once Plex is installed on your PS4 or PS3, open your Android phone and download Plex on it as well.


  • Login with the same credentials that you did on your PlayStation (make sure you connect both devices with the same WiFi connection).
  • Once both devices are connected with the same Plex account, you will be able to access the local storage of your Android device on Play Station.

  • Finally, access to HDO Box and install it on your PS4 or PS3.

This is how you download the HDO box on Play Station. If you have any queries, it can be due to various reasons. Look at some frequently asked questions to clarify.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe to use HDO box on my PS4 or PS3?

Yes, it is completely safe to use HDO box on your play station device. It is just a streaming application and you may be using Plex to get access.

2. HDO box isn’t working on play station, what to do?

If HDO box isn’t working on your play station (PS4 or PS3), then check at the WiFi connection. Make sure that the Plex account is logged in and finally reconnect or follow our guide for a smooth HDO box experience.

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Final Words – Cast HDO Box App To PS4, PS3 Using Plex

We hope that you were finally able to use the HDO box on PS4 or PS3. The application is amazing as it provides all the HD content of movies and TV series. With regular updates, you may not miss a chance. We are looking forward to your feedback on the application. Also, let us know if you are facing any difficulty, we shall help you go through it. Finally, do not forget to follow each step that we have mentioned that may help you download the HDO box on your device.

Thank You.

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